The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Yahoo!!! I’m so happy that we were able to find a copy of this book by Eric Carle.

Months ago, when Ryx was about three months old or so my wife bought THE VERY BUSY SPIDER also by the same author. She found it in a shop downtown which sells used books ( We prefer used books because they are cheap. But trust me, you need talents to find a good one! Hehe!)

Anyway, this busy spider book became Ryx’s all-time favorite. If you will put all his books on the table and let him choose which one he prefers, instantly he will pick the busy spider book. Even if you will try to hide it by covering it with other books Ryx will really look for it. It even reached that point wherein, Ryx preferred the story of the busy spider instead of lullabys in going to sleep. Hehehe!

Because of that, we tried to search the net for other books by the same author. That was where we came across the book about the caterpillar. From that day, the search for the book was on. We tried internet sites such as eBay and Wahoy ( second hand pa rin! Hehe!)… Went back to that shop to look for a copy… Went to other shops which sell brand new books… Ask a friend overseas a favor to check it out… But everything was to no avail. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. So we scrapped the idea of owning that book.

Not until yesterday. Without any plans of visiting the same shop where we bought the busy spider book, our feet brought us to the place. We rummage through the pile of books then presto! We found the book!


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