Budget Wise Supermarket

 Just a while ago, after eating lunch  I and my wife Eena visited this grocery store for some little shopping. After doing some rounds, my legs were already complaining. But Eena was still busy in the kitchen wares section, so I decided to go to the counter ahead and pay for our purchases.

After paying, I stayed at the corner seated and waited for Eena. I became fascinated with how the baggers ( personnel in charged with putting the purchases either in grocery bags or boxes ) do their thing. Maybe these people underwent training. Their manner of packing the things are uniform… the way they put things in the boxes/bags… the way they tie the boxes with plastic straws.

Then later, i discovered that the plastic bags they used were not of the same kind. It was then that I found out that they were re-using plastic bags. Plastic bags which were originally used as packaging for grocery items in bulk were being re-used. The store even designated three boxes for these used plastic bags for reusing. Three because they classified the bags into small, medium and large. Isn’t this act nice?

So I would like to congratulate this store for doing that! You really made a difference! Am sure this act really helped in lessening the truckloads of plastic garbages in Lunzuran Dumpsite.

Again… congratulations! I hope other grocery stores will do the same thing.


2 thoughts on “Budget Wise Supermarket

  1. yen

    i didn’t know we had a supermarket with a developed conscience. maybe i should stop going to LB and Mindpro and shop here instead.

    thanks for the info. 🙂


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