Day after Bday

Hello! I just reported from work. I was absent the whole day yesterday just to spend time with Ryx. Its his actual birthday after all though we had the celebration last Sunday. Eena was absent too. The party went well. Daddy didnt make it coz he is busy with his work. All in all, we have ah how many… Mommy, Gagah, Bry and Boobae. Lesette (bestfriend of Reena)and son Ethan with cousin Hans. Felix (my bestfriend) and wife Sheng with son Berlin. Sir Sonny (officemate) with daughter Jackie. Katkat (officemate from Mercedes). Rianne was there too. And the sister of Reena, Cupid.

Ryx had fun. He was hesitant at first… but later on when he got used to the people around, everything went normal. He crawled on the floor. We took out some of his toys and scattered them on the floor much to his delight. He was joined by the other kids too.

Our preparation was just enough. We cooked the food ourselves. 😉 One thing we missed was the party hats. We forgot to use it! 😦

I’ll be posting some pictures soon. Just wait. Thanks for all the greetings!!! I’ll work now. Bye!


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