Brief Getaway

• We left for Dipolog (8:40 am trip). For the first time, nobody brought us to the terminal since Gagah was busy and Nong Jhun was unserviceable! Hehehe! The setup was I’ll board the bus alone while Eena and Ryx will wait at the junction of Mercedes and Culianan for the bus where I am aboard to pick them up. I went to the terminal by PUJ.
• Didn’t have a hard time in making Ryx go to sleep since he was too drowsy by the time they boarded the bus. He didn’t take his nap that’s why. Maybe the air helped too. No aircon trip was available – next trip was at 12 noon.
• Ryx slept while embracing Eena… first time in that position while onboard the bus.
• As usual, we had corned beef as baon for lunch
• Arrived in Dipolog almost 5pm. Tito Toto and Mamang Girlie fetched us at the terminal
• Met Tita Baby and Tita Babe before the start of the prayer
• During prayer, Ryx was in his walking mood.

• Woke up early for the 1st Year Death Anniversary Mass which was held at the Gulayon Cemetery
• Ryx skipped his nap because of the Mass
• After mass, we headed home for the reception. Ryx was asleep at the height of the celebration which was favorable for me and Eena since we were able to eat together
• Around 3pm, it was floortime for Ryx… only a few visitors were left
• Ate ice cream after dinner in spite of the heavy rain as advance celebration of Ryx’s Birthday. Flavor: Ube and Coffee

• Tita Baby and Tita Babe left the house for the airport while Ryx was asleep and Eena was taking a bath. So we decided to go after them at the airport so we can bid them good bye properly
• Early afternoon, Mamu and Eena with Ryx attended the Mass at the Cathedral. I stayed at home although later, I was forced to go to the Cathedral to “rescue” Eena during the mass. I got Ryx and we went outside. He was bored at the scenery already.
• After mass, we started preparing for our beach escapade
• Around 3+, we left for Sicayab Beach. Tito Toto, Mamang Girlie, Tita Cupid and all cousins except his Manne

• Ryx’s first time to take a walk in the sand… play with the sea water… and take a hip-deep plunge! He liked it!!! 😉

• Eena was not feeling well due to her hormonal imbalance… in short, gisapot!
• Left the house around 10am… a little later than planned due to some chores but it was fine.
• Departed Dipolog 12noon – Aircon Trip. Ryx napped twice during the trip. Short naps only. But when it was around 6:30 pm, his sleeping time, he slept on the lap of Eena. We let him wear his jacket and covered him with flanella.
• Arrived home around 7:30pm


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