Aussie Open 2009

I hate to say this… but its the truth! Rafa emerged victorious in this year’s Australian Open beating Roger Federer in their five sets game.


I wasnt able to see the final match ‘coz I was busy watching my 11-month old son. But while I was at it, I kept my self abreast with the match by checking the scores in the web every now and then through my cellular phone.

End of 4th set. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Hoping… that this match will be Federer’s 14th Grand Slam title putting him in equal position with Pete Samprass.

The next time I refreshed the page, the score for the fifth set was 4-2 in favor of Nadal! Still… I was hoping.

Then finally… it was over! Nadal won! Sigh! I went to sleep feeling a little frustrated.

This morning, I checked the web for the details. Grrrr! Saw the pictures of Federer in tears. 😦 Can’t blame him for that display of emotions. Being in that spot is really difficult…

I’m sure this match will have an adverse effect on Federer in his future games but I hope he can get over with that as soon as possible!

Federer, dont fret man! You are still the best!!! That 14th Slam is coming your way soon! Just keep the faith!


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