Damn that Rain

About 2:30am the other night ( or is that considered as DAY already?), my 11-month old son was awakened by the heavy rainfall. He’s usually not bothered by rain while asleep. Why the sudden change?

Well, based on what I’ve researched, that’s a healthy sign that my son is growing up. As he progress in life, he is becoming more social and is becoming increasingly aware of what’s happening around him. Maybe the odd sound produced by the rain scared him.

You know what we did to pacify him? We opened the window and showed him the rain. After a while, he stopped. That’s the trick! Show him the source of the sound which scares him and he will realize that its nothing to be afraid of. That is, if there’s really nothing to be scared of. hehehe.

Here’s Ryx’s latest picture:

Getting ready for Bathtime

Getting ready for Bathtime

Who says he deserves the much awaited haircut?!


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