No Appetite

Lately, we are having a hard time feeding Ryx. He seems not interested in food and we dont know why! Before, we noted that he doesnt want to eat recycled food. I mean, he prefers freshly cooked food. Now, whether recycled or fresh, he will just eat three or four spoonfuls then stopped. Its either, he will push the spoon away or he will open his mouth but will spit them out right after.

As far as milk intake, nothing has changed. In fact, he is taking more now than he used to. Maybe you would conclude that this explains why he has no appetite for food. But trust me, we tried not giving him milk before meal time. But, same thing happened. 😦

Could it be possible that this has something to do with teething? He’s cutting teeth – two upper front. One is very visible already while the other is about to come out. I hope so. I hope these two are interrelated.

Sigh! How I wish Ryx could already speak. So he’ll tell me what’s going on. That wont keep me guessing!


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