8-day Holiday

This year’s Christmas break is awesome!!! Imagine, we will be off from work for 8 days! Yeah! Eight loooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg days! Hey wait. This is applicable only here in the Philippines, okay? So, for those not covered with this 8-long-day break… sorry folks!

Now I’m sure the gears in your head are working on how to spend it. Whatever your plans are, I’m sure you’ll need one very important thing to make this plan of yours possible. And that is money.

So this coming break, make sure you have enough cash on hand that is more or less sufficient to cover all the expenses that you will incur till the holidays are over. You might say ATMs are around the corner so why worry. Well if all people with ATM Card will have the same kind of thinking,  just imagine the long queue that this will bring. But if you are you willing to spend your time waiting for your turn for on this cash-dispenser machines  while the rest of the people with cash are having a great time then so be it.

Another scenario is if ATMs will run out of cash. Kawawa ka naman. You’ll go cash-less this holiday season. Gutom ang abutin mo! The parasites inside your tummys will starve.

What about those with Debit Cards and Credit Cards? You still have to prepare enough cash. Not all establishments accept these cards. And we cant discount the fact that the system might get into trouble due to the voluminous transactions that this swiping machines will have to deal with. Not relying too much on your debit cards and credit cards will also be good for you. At least you’ll avoid the impulse-buying syndrome or you wont over-spend your hard earned money.

Do your financial planning as early as now, ok? You dont want to get into trouble this holiday season, right? It’s supposed to be a period of merriment and fun! So dont spoil it just because of that!


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