Clapping and Waving Goodbye

These are my nine-month old son’s new tricks!!!

Whenever you’ll sing “clap your hands… baby, clap your hands… ” while doing the action, he will follow suit instantly. While at it, he will smile at you with his gums all out and his two lower front teeth peeping. Hehehe!

As for the other trick, the first time he did it he was amazed with our reactions. Glad that he was able to do it, I immediately kissed him. Mama wasn’t able to control herself, she embraced him right-away then showered him with kisses. His Dida laughed while his Kaka shouted yehey! The funny thing is how he executes the trick. He only moves his wrist with his fingers widely spread while his arm remain stiff. Its as if he is scratching something in the air. Hehehe! But because of the positive reaction he got, he started doing it again and again much to his delight!

Now these new tricks had become part of our routine. Whenever he does something good and deserves to be appreciated, we clap our hands then say “very good!” He will clap his hands too. And if somebody is leaving or if we leave for work every morning, he never fails to wave goodbye.



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