Of Posterity Gadget and “Over-sterilized” Feeding Bottles

After lots of thinking and pondering, I and my wife finally decided to buy a digital camera for us. We’ve been dying to own one even before our son was born so we can document every stage he will go through and every milestone he will attain. But our limited resources wont allow us to do that. Not until Friday last week! Yihaaa!!!!

Among the leading brands available in the market, we picked the camera from Canon. The quality and affordable price were basically the reasons why we opted for this brand. However it was the “replacement” thing which greatly influenced our decision. Now let me explain that. My wife owns an analog camera which she bought at a bargain price while she was starting her career late 90s. Its of the same brand and mind you, until now it is still working and and have been producing good pictures. We used it actually during the first 6 months of our baby. Anyway, my wife prefered that if we will discard the old cam the replacement must be of the same brand. That way, her memories of the old cam will linger. Did you get what I mean? So that’s the story why we opted for that brand.

We were able to have some pictures taken. Actually not some. We’re about to fill the entire capacity of the memory card. Hehehe! And guess who is our subject? Right! Who else but our son. Soon, we’ll upload some of our shots in this corner.


Guess what happened this Wednesday night. While I was in my class discussing something, the phone inside my pocket kept on vibrating endlessly. I knew its something urgent. So I excused my self and checked it out. My wife is asking me to buy 5 feeding bottles. Why?! Oh why?! Why now when shops are about to close!

Apparently, all of my son’s feeding bottles (except for the one in used) got deformed. How come? Well, in the house we use the conventional sterilizer. You fill it with a enough water then place the rack with the bottles on top then cover. You put it on fire until the water will boil then presto! Sterilized feeding bottles! Now what happened was, Dida (yaya of my son) forgot to put some water. Endproduct? Deformed… melted… beyond recognition bottles! In short, “Over-sterilized” bottles!

Sigh! What a waste of resources! I feel like kicking Dida’s ass!

Nevermind! It might lead to much trouble!

Sigh!!! Again!!!


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