The student who showed up just once!

Let’s go back to my resolved dilemma which I introduced on Friday last week in the article entitled TROUBLE.

After the no-show of a student of mine for one semester, now he is back with my officemate asking for considerations just so he can have a grade under my class and eventually graduate from college after seven years of college life.

Are you out of your mind?!

I faced him calmly and said my piece. It’s impossible for him to pass the course since he didnt take any long exams much more the major exams. He insisted that I as the teacher can still do something about it. I told him that I’ll consult my superior first about his case and we’ll see what will happen. Though at the back of my mind, I’ll dare not consult my boss for I know for sure that his case is beyond help.

The next day, the student was back! This time with both of his parents who traveled all the way from Tawi-tawi. His parents were old already. And you can see frustrations painted on their faces. All because of the stupidity of their son. Its a pity to see them in that state. Really. But what can I do?

I was actually considering the idea of giving a passing grade to this asshole student of mine just to relieve his parents of this anxiety they are going through. But I dont think I can take the consequences if I’ll do that. My credibility… I dont want to risk it. As a parting message on meeting I had with the parents, I simply told them that I’ll see what I can do but wont promise anything. An act which I later realized is wrong. I should have told them pointblank that the case is hopeless. That way, I wont leave them half hoping for something positive. But anyway, its done.

Monday and Tuesday. I skipped work. I’m out of town. Didnt hear anything from them since the time I gave them my office phone number during the meeting.

Wednesday. I attended a seminar. Thoughts about this student didnt crossed my mind.

Thursday. Back to the workplace. Officemates are telling me that somebody was looking for me on the phone. They handed me a piece of paper. As expected, its the family name of that stupid student. Didnt bother to dwell on it.

Later, the student showed up. This time with an aunt. Whoa!!! I thought they gave up already. But they’re back!!! Grrr!!!

The aunt introduced herself and said that formerly she was with the academe but is now with the CHED. Good! At least I’ll be dealing with somebody who can better understand my situation. But I must say that she tried testing the waters first. Since my stand was firm, they conceeded and moved to their only option which is to enroll again with my class.

Now this is over!

Hey wait! Enroll in my class? Holy s–t! I hope he will do good this time for god’s sake!


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