Another Milestone

Contemplative Mood

Contemplative Mood

Last Sunday, around 5:10AM, our son reached another milestone in his life.

Ryx, shown here in a contemplative mood, is on his 8 months- week 4. He usually wakes up at 4 am after a nine or ten hours stretch of night sleep. We didnt bother to adjust his sleeping schedule since it works best for us – his working parents.

Our baby sleeps in between us in our bed with the headboard and the opposite end properly stuck with pillows to avoid Ryx bumping his head or falling off from the bed. When he wakes up at 4am, he usually stays in bed trying to amuse himself by poking our noses, pinch our faces or try to pull our eyelids until such time he gets bored and starts to cry. I usually get up first (although sometimes, it’s very difficult to tear away my self from sleep at this unholy hour) and take him to his crib where he will play with his stuffed toys until he gets fed up with them.

Last Sunday was no ordinary Sunday because for the first time my baby was able to stand up with the support of the railings on his crib all by himself. It all started when he was able to bring himself to one corner of his crib unknowingly. Left without a choice, he tried to hold on to the railings until he was able to have a good grip. Then he tried pulling himself up. In one try, he was able to do it! But it took him awhile. Hurray!!!! Hurray!!!!

Of course we’ve been expecting this to happen anytime soon but I didnt know that I would see it with my very eyes! We are out most of the time during the day and by the time we arrived home early evening, he is already asleep or about to go to sleep. So, the chance of catching him do it for the first time is very slim! But thanks be to God I was able to witness this milestone myself.

Do you want to know what happened next? He got stuck with that position! According to experts, its easier for babies to master the skills of standing up than to sit down from a standing position. That explains it! So, after a while, my poor Ryx started crying. Papa to the rescue!!!


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