Shoppers’ Center – The Gateway

I had a bad experience with this relatively new mall here in our place last Saturday, Nov. 8.

For the first time, I visited the Supermarket section together with my wife. We did our shopping there that time contrary to our usual setup because that is the most convenient place to buy our stuffs for that time being. Well, the place is nice! The goods are properly stacked and arranged in such a manner very convenient to the shoppers. The lanes are wide and the whole area is very clean. Though there’s one thing i failed to do – compare prices with other store.

Anyway, the problem cropped up when we were about to pay our purchases. While the cashier was punching the last few items of the goods in our cart, my wife left me and proceeded to the meat section. When I handled my credit card to the cashier, she instantly retorted that they do not accept such! Whaaaaat?! I thought they were accepting major credit card payments as expressly posted on an area near the entrance?! So, I pointed this out to the cashier. She explained that their POS Machines are only accepting  card X and Y only for the moment and apologized for the inconvenience. She did all that in a very nice manner (good she did it that way!). She even added that I was not the first person to complain about it and the management is doing something to avoid the same trouble.

What was the good thing about this incident is that it didnt happen on peak hours. I could just imagine the shame it will bring us if it was otherwise… the long queue of shoppers all staring at you. So, I didnt bother to make a big fuss out of it!

Now you might wonder if we continued with our purchase. Yes we did inspite of the inconvenience. My wife rushed to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw cash for it. As to the question of whether we’ll return to this establishment again considering what happened… ah, perhaps I will only after double checking the more precise announcement of credit cards accepted.


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