Pinoy Fear Factor

I was able to watch the pilot episode of Pinoy Fear Factor – Argentina, South America last night. Lucky for me, the show’s timeslot is not in conflict with another show ( a foreign one) which is my wife’s favorite and we seldom miss every monday evening. Here’s my assessment about the show based on the initial episode:

The show kicked off with some sort of a brief background information on every participants. This is good in order for the viewers to get acquainted with the contestants.

The pacing of the show is nice… it’s not dragging. I hope it will remain that way till the conclusion of the show.

Too much flesh! So i’ll leave this to you if you like it or not! 😉

The timeslot is okay. Not too late and not too early!

I hate the dubbing. I’m very particular with this. So sorry for that!

And I dont like the idea of incorporating foreign-words-other-than english to the show – participantes, kasa, etc.

Ooppps, before I forget… I didnt quite get the elimination process of the participants! I dont know if it was me or it was just really too fast! Actually, before the show started I was already wondering how the elimination process will work considering their format is not like the usual AXN Fear Factor.

Cant tell anything about the stunts and challenges yet. I’ll give my piece later when I get to see them.

Now, judging the show in its entirety (for now!) i think the it is something to watch out for. So to the people behind this show, congratulations!!!!


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